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Mars, the bringer of war Gustav Holst
Adagio from the Aranjuez concert for guitar and OrchestraJoaquin Rodrigo / arr. Harri Lidsle
TreplusstreTorstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Epitaph VI: Phoenix risingMartin Ellerby
Earth voicesRoland Szentpáli
PeacockJános Mazura
Relax - Mr. Yancey - SaluteLettuce / arr. Jon Hansen
Maria AlmJacques Bolognesi

Ensemble Português de Tubas HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

Director Artístico:Sérgio Carolino

Solistas convidados:Harri Lidsle; Roland Szentpáli

Convidado especial como narrador: Roger Bobo

How Low Can You Go? CD recording with Sérgio Carolino, The Portuguese Tuba Ensemble with guest soloists Harri Lidsle, Roland Szentpáli, and Roger Bobo as narrator.
Sérgio Carolino has amassed a personal arsenal of low brassers with his newest group, The Portuguese Tuba Ensemble. Their debut album entitled, How Low Can
You Go?, includes transcriptions, arrangements, and originals played by some of the finest tuba and euphoniums from the region. In addition to the great tuba ensemble playing, there are also some of the biggest guest artists we have in the tuba world. Harri Lidsle, Roland Szentpáli, and even Roger Bobo lend a hand to make this a great buy. There are several stellar new pieces and arrangements including one of my favorite pieces, Adagio by Joaquin Rodrigo. Harri Lidsle is a guest soloist on the track and also arranged this piece for the ensemble. Another winner is from the composer Martin Ellerby. No stranger to writing brass music, his piece is entitled Epitaph VI: Phoenix Rising. This is a new chapter in his continuing epitaph series, all of which are in remembrance to different aspects of the Second World War. The composition is extremely delicate and somber, with an underlying hint of hope, and is based on two European cities, Coventry and Dresden, who were both destroyed during the war. R. Winston Morris says it best from the liner notes,
“Everything on this CD is as good as it gets.” !
~ Stephen Kunzer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


- Ano da Edição: 2010
- Etiqueta: Afinaudio


Código do produtoIRFC.08.136

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