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Wow!!! A real celebration complete with sparking fireworks: a new CD of live performances played by Mr. Sergio Carolino and friends between the years 2004 and 2006.

This SUPERB CD represents a mature artist expressing himself through his choice of repertoire with feeling, love and care. Without being a show off, Tubist Sérgio Carolino demonstrates extreme virtuosity on his instrument. There is a clear line of thinking in his choice of music, an original one, as if to say: "listen to what I have to say, and not only to the way I say it"; and the way he is saying it is outstanding.


Mr. Carolino, on the tuba or on his sousaphone, treats his instrument as a violin, a cello or a saxophone. He is at home among his fellow brass players, inspiring them to the high levels of music making.

Participating on the disc are the Swiss National Youth Brass Band in the Salgueiro "cONCERTO fOR tUBA" and the Portuguese National Youth Brass Band in Caen's "Mr. M.C."   The young players, of both Bands, are brilliant, with special mention of the incredible French horn and trumpet section playing. "Duh-Suite" by Jim Self (a well known tuba player by himself) displays an acrobatic, jazzy chat, between Carolino and colleague Annejelle Visser, two equally striking tuba parts, and wonderful percussion playing, combined with natural groove. 

"Steal aLive!" is a classic CD containing original pieces by SALGUEIRO, SELF, CAENS, GRANT, and CAROLINO from the staples of the tuba repertoire and additional cuts by Michael Davis and Miles Davis.

Mr. Carolino is playing, on one hand, with the clarity of sound, articulation and phrasing of a top classical musician, and on the other hand with the range of colours, rhythmic freedom and above all, wry smile of a jazz player.  

Listening to the recorded performances on the disc makes one regret having missed the live performances.

The sum of Sergio Carolino's vocabulary of musical expressions, enormous range of technical abilities, and with added pleasure of the excellent musicians surrounding him, makes this CD a fantasy voyage.


Principal tuba with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.





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